Satellite Office LLC. 

Tokyo Office: 3-22-7 Shiba NK Bld. 2F Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo
Yokohama Office:  2-5-5-202 Chojamachi Naka-ku Yokohama Japan

Office hour:10:00~17:00(Mon-Fri)


Business Process Outsourcing
for Corporation, Foundations,
Associations and NPOs

Takeshi Hayasaka


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Our office is located in Shiba, Tokyo to better serve our business clients and non-profit clients.



We provide not only accounting and bookkeeping services but also business process such as payroll, NPO and company setups and applications to support you as a one-stop business operation.  

NPO corporations are welcome!

We can also provide tax advisory service as our parent company is Hayasaka Tax Accountants' Office.  We also partner with attornies, tax accountants,  judical subscriver and licensed social insurance consultants.

We serve nationwide and provide services in English, Chinese and Korean.

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  Process Outsourcing by Specialists

 Our experienced professionals and specialists will take care of your accounting, payroll and other outsourced processes.

   One of our experties is non-profit organization accounting and operations.  

  Our experienced specialists with deep understanding in the areas will support you to manage your organization so that you can focus on your own activities and operations.

  Tax Accountants Office
         is a parent company

 Our parent company is Takeshi Hayasaka Tax Accountants' Office, which has been supporting NPO setups, accounting and tax advisory support for more than 15 years in Yokohama.

  Hayasaka is a tax accountant and a specialist in non-profit accounting and tax advisory.  He has held many seminars and helps NPOs.

  We support you with our experties and knowledge for your successful NPO operations.

  Covers from Business Processes to
                                   Tax Filing and Tax Return

 We can help your tax filing as our parent company is a tax accounting office. 

   If you need help in tax related matters, we can provide you all-inclusive services.  The tax filing process may become easier with inclusive services.

Payroll Services, Social and Labor Insurance

Our experienced partner provides services to manage your monthly payroll allowances. Also, we take care of the troublesome paperwork related to social insurance and labor insurance premiums of your staff.

 Registration of Companies
                               and Non Profit Organizations

Do you wish to register your organization in Japan?  We provide professional services in registering Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Associations, Foundations and Non Profit Organizations.


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